Monday, December 21, 2009

Homemade Marshmallows

I have always wanted to try and make marshmallow, but everything I have ever read about it scared me off.  People seem to have the most horrible experiences with marshmallow.

Let me just say that making these marshmallows couldn't have been any easier!  No problems, no horror stores, just creamy little goodies.

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 for the recipe

Start by mixing the gelatin with water in the bowl of a stand mixer, and then set aside.  Bring the water, corn syrup, sugar and salt to a 245 degree boil.  You have to have a candy thermometer to do this... you can find them in most grocery stores or craft stores for under $5.  They are an invaluable asset in my kitchen!

When your mixture reaches 245 degrees F, remove from heat and CAREFULLY pour into a pint sized measuring cup, or something else with a spout that won't melt from the hot liquid.  Pour the boiling sugar mixture onto the gelatin in the bowl.  Using the whisk attachment, beat on medium high for 15 minutes.  About 12 minutes in, add in your vanilla and any other flavorings.   It should look like this when it's ready...

While the marshmallow is mixing, prepare your dish.  Spray a 9x13 dish with a non stick spray like Pam.  Then mix together your powdered sugar and cornstarch and liberally dust your dish.

Spray a spatula with Pam and then remove marshmallow from the mixing bowl and spread into your dish.


If the spatula gets too gooey, spray with more Pam.  Try and spread out the marshmallow as evenly and flat as possible.   Let marshmallow sit in the dish for about an hour until it forms a dry layer on the top.  Then sprinkle a few spoonfuls of the powdered sugar mixture over it, and let it sit out over night, uncovered.

** Immediately after you are finished using a bowl or utensil that has marshmallow or boiled sugar on it, place into hot soapy water and let sit** This will make clean up a breeze.

The next morning, this is what you have!  It should literally lift right out of your dish.

Using a pastry brush, dust off any remaining powdered sugar and cornstarch mixture.

I wanted to make my marshmallows shaped like Christmas trees for our Christmas party that evening.  Any shape of cutter will work, hearts would be great for Valentine's Day! You could also take a pizza wheel and make them into traditional squares.

The trick to making this easier on yourself is to coat the cutter with the powdered sugar mixture after every cutout.

Take your freshly cut shape and roll any sticky edges in the powdered sugar mixture.

Brush the excess off with a pastry brush.  I was able to get 11 good sized trees out of one batch.

I took the left over scraps and cut them up with kitchen scissors to make little marshmallows.  We will surely use these for hot cocoa in the coming weeks!  Remember to dip each piece in the powdered sugar mixture so they don't stick to each other.

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with these!  I bought some red and green Candy Melts from Wilton and dipped each marshmallow in halfway. The Candy Melts chocolate dries hard in a few minutes.  I used rainbow nonpareils on the green ones to look like lights, and  I grabbed a candy cane off our tree, crushed it up and sprinkled it on the red ones.  You could dip them in chocolate and roll them in nuts or toffee even!

These marshmallows taste nothing like the ones that come in the bag.  As with anything homemade, these were WAY BETTER!  They are creamy little bites of goodness!  The peppermint from the candy cane was a perfect compliment to the marshmallow and very festive. 

If you store these in an airtight container they won't dry out and will keep for about a month.  How cute would these be as a hostess gift?  You could give them with hot cocoa mix in a mug, or tie them up in a pretty little treat bag!


  1. I love homemade marshmallows and they aren't that hard, it's just the waiting...
    they are so much better than store bought, not even comparable, actually! SO cute, what you did cutting them into trees!
    Great idea :)

  2. Thank you! My wheels are already spinning for Valentine's Day... Chocolate and nuts would make rocky road... yum!