Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Home at Christmas Time

We have a rather large front porch, and it's my favorite thing to decorate for the holidays!  Lots of lights, presents and trees.

How fabulous is she?!

I guess Caroline wanted to make herself clear:

I absolutely love my little Christmas Village!  I have been collecting different pieces since I got married over 8 years ago.  Some pieces light up, some pieces spin around, but my favorite piece is the mountainside with the motorized sledders going down....

So there's our home at Christmas time. 


There's 5 days left and my kids are just beside themselves with anticipation....

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. WOW! Beautiful house decorated so festively!
    I bet that took you a long time, so much detail.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures. Your house is decked for Christmas. We have a big front porch too, got some ideas for next year, thanks. Your Christmas village is charming. We have several trees too. Merry Christmas and again thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello, I found you from hooked on houses. I love your blog and your decorations. I have the same vintage thing on my sidebar too. Your frosty girl is so cute. Have you seen Vintage Housewife? She is on my sidebar too. I think you would get along great!