Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Goodies

How great are these handsome little men?  I used some of my baker's twine to tie little 'scarves' around their necks.  Very simple, yet very festive!

I made these cookies for the kids that were coming over to my house on Saturday evening.

The kids just loved to see their names on cookies!  How cute are they all lined up??  Okay, we forced them to line up and smile.  *HA HA HA*

I made these for Jacob's class 'Holiday Party' this week.

It just wouldn't be Christmas time without a ginger bread house!

Caroline's learning to use the piping bag at 6 years old...  I didn't learn until just this year!  My mother was not big on baking.

Homemade marshmallow!  My first try at marshmallow and they turned out really cute, and were so yummy!

Do you have any Christmas goodies to share?


  1. Will have to try and make homemade marshmallow. I have the gelatin so I should use it. Your cookies look gorgeous too. :)

  2. All so beautiful, especially the ornament cookies! I have never made a gingerbread house, though! What does it entail? Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh, gingerbread homes are super easy... you can buy gingerbread house cookie cutter sets and roll out your gingerbread dough and bake the cut-outs like regular cookies. I'd buy some candies in the bulk section of your grocery store, make some royal icing and get to decorating! I must confess though, the gingerbread house above was bought at Costco, I just put it all together!

  4. your gingerbread house look perfect, like the one on the box! great job!

  5. How fantastic....love the twine scarves....One I'll be adopting...tomorrow. Love the Xmas stockings too!