Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

I have so much to share but too busy to do it!

Last year around this time we got two puppies, yellow labs.  Their names are Max & Ruby.  They're litter mates and absolutely inseparable.

Aren't they cute?

This is what my yard looked like before the puppies...

Here's Max & Ruby one year later.  They are mammoth dogs.  Well not mammoth, but they are BIG dogs!!

This is what my yard looks like a year later.  :(

So, in order to restore our yard and keep it nice, we have started on a project.  More about this later.

Made another cake last night.... this one was for a poker tourament.  The cake was red velvet with white chocolate cream cheese (yummy!!)  Everything on this cake is edible, including the cards. The event director said when the night was done, there was just one scrap of cake left! 

The venue where the tournament was held is actually a catering company, who is interested in using us as one of their vendors!  More about that later too.  I am so excited!!

It's been unseasonably sunny for a few weeks so we've been outside taking advantage of it.  We took the kids to the driving range....

Then this morning, I had to get some spring flowers in their pots.

Busy busy busy and lots to share, just no time to write it!  Oh yeah, the hot yoga is going well, will share about this too.....


  1. Aww, your flowers were just lovely!!

    And I love that cake!

  2. your poor yard! but cute dogs:) love the cake, and congrats on the vendor-ship!

  3. I totally relate to your backyard destruction. We got our two labs, one chocolate and one black. Our back yard has never been the same. This year we are installing a fence around the garden and some yard toys for them to play on in the hope of saving our yard!

  4. I've never asked my husband to come look at someone else's blog before in my life... However, I just did! And, your yard made him want to cry! Sadly, this reinforces his NO DOG policy for our home/yard.

    Love your Easter cookies (and everything else you create!)