Monday, February 22, 2010

Hot Yoga

So I've decided to try my hand at hot yoga.  Hopefully I will end up looking like her.    :)

Have you ever heard of hot yoga?  They heat the temperature in the room to a lovely 105 degrees.  Then they pack the room full of people, probably mat to mat, and everybody sweats their ass off.  Literally.

I re-joined the gym by my house, which produced an additional monthy expense.  Yay.  For first-timers, you can buy 10 classes for $10, which seems quite affordable.  Then I asked how much the classes would be if I wanted to continue.... $95 a month, in addition to the monthly gym membership fee.  Ouch!

The hot yoga classes have a two week waiting list,  can you believe that??  It's ridiculously popular and people seem to say that it's the worst 90 minutes of their lives, but they LOVE IT!  I've also heard it's quite addicting.

I can't believe the amount of money that I have had to invest in this, before I even get to start!  I was told that I have to buy a "special" kind of clothing that wicks away moisture, a yoga mat, a "thirsty" yoga towel to cover the mat, then I bought a yoga bag to carry everything in.

Gym Membership     $29.50 per month
Yoga Classes 10 for $10     $10.00 start up
Two Yoga Shirts And Two Pairs Of Yoga Pants     $202.50
Yoga Mat     $19.99
Thirsty Yoga Towel     $24.50
Yoga Bag     $24.99

Some of these are one time expenses, but still.  I have spent $311.48 hoping that I too will become addicted to this and look like the girl in the picture above. 

The ongoing expense will be $124.50 per month.  Of course I can cancel the classes at any time, but what a waste of start up costs if I cancel!

I've heard the classes are intense because of the heat.  I've also heard that most people don't  make it all the way through the classes until their third or fourth go around.

I've obviously financially committed to this, so I have to make it through!  My first class starts on Tuesday, wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I'm interested to hear about this - it sounds crazy!

  2. good luck! If you haven't already, try for yoga gear, they have some good stuff. Hope it goes well!

  3. Good luck I have heard good things about hot yoga but never tried it myself, if it does not work out the other craze I am hearing a lot about now is Zumba. :)

  4. Good luck! I have heard that it's great. Wonder if you could just do yoga in the sauna at the gym...does that qualify? ;)

  5. I've been interested in hot yoga, but I haven't found a gym in my area that offers it yet. I'm very curious to see how you like it.

  6. BTW, there is an award for you at my site:)