Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day at School

I have been making the kid's Valentines for a few years now, instead of buying them.  This year was a tad overwhelming though as both kids have *30* kids in their class.  That's 60 homemade Valentines that require multiple steps to make each one.  Good times, I know.

Using my handy new paper trimmer, I cut some red and pink cardstock.  It took five batches of Rice Krispie treats to get 30 individual hearts cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Luckily, the treats are super sticky and stuck right to the paper all by themselves.

I was also tapped to make some cookies for my son's class.  I am sure each kid noted how long it took me to make all these cookies, right?

I tried hard to find an idea that wasn't too girly for my son's Valentines.  Obviously I didn't succeed.  Let's face it, Valentine's Day in general is pretty girly. 

This project was incredibly simple, just a little time consuming.  I found a heart punch that I used to cut out the cardstock heart shapes.  Each flower has four hearts.  Then, I took a hole punch and punched a hole in the bottom of each heart.  I lined up the holes and then glued them down.  Dum-Dums were the suckers that I used, but Blow Pops would work too.  At the last minute I added some hot glue to the Dum-Dums to make sure they didn't come loose.

How cute are these?!


  1. how nice. really creative! happy valentine's

  2. those rice treats are adorable!! love the lollipops too :)

  3. Very cute treats! and I think it is safe to say, from personal experience, that the kids didn't think for one second how long it took you to make those :) They look gorgeous and don't worry...we all know how long it took!!

  4. LOL! I always think the same thing when I send baked goods for kids....they have no idea how much time went into those treats. But that's ok....we still love doing it!
    Great ideas!!

  5. you must be super mom! all the things you made are awesome!

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