Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

Every year we host a Super Bowl party at our house, and last year I thought it would be really cute if we decorated the island to look a little more festive. 

We bought a piece of AstroTurf at the hardware store, cut it to fit, and painted on the grid iron.  It rolls up nicely and stores easily, so hopefully we should have this for many years to come.  The island is in the center of our kitchen and serves as the 'buffet' for all the food.  It looks SO GREAT with this grid iron on it!

These Spicy-Sweet Chicken Wings were such a hit at last year's party, that I decided to make them again this year.  They have a cirtus flavor that's slightly sweet with some heat, to quote Martha Stewart.

for the recipe

Caroline really has been after me to help decorate some cookies, so I told her she could help with the Superbowl cookies.  She was so excited!  I piped on the outline and she filled them in.  She was quick to point out that I wrote the 8 using two circles and her teacher says that's the wrong way.  *HA HA*

A few years ago I started picking up seasonal and themed serving dishes.  They only make an appearance a few times a year, but I love them!

Caroline had her friend Sydney over for the afternoon and by the looks of it, I'd say they were having a pretty good time! 

Olives are always a magnet for kids, aren't they?  I always buy an extra can of them, just to make sure there's enough to do this:



  1. what an awesome idea with the turf! Great cookies too :)

  2. Thats awesome! We did something similar for our table at our Superbowl party :)

  3. That is such a cool way to decorate for football. My husband would love that. great idea.