Monday, January 18, 2010

Fettuccine Bolognese

Pictures do NOT do this dish justice!  Although it looks like traditional spaghetti sauce, bolognese sauce tastes totally different, and I must say, everyone loved it!  There's a little bit of everything in this dish... wine, milk, red pepper, parsley and nutmeg to name a few.

The simple ingredients were inexpensive and most of them, I already had on hand.  Do use the fresh oregano over the dried.  I definitely think that had an impact on the taste!

The recipe calls for chopped pancetta.  I tried to chop it up with a knife... not so much.  The food processor is definitely the way to go!

Start by cooking down all the vegetables for about 15 minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients.  Talk about an easy dinner!

This made enough to serve four adults and two kids with a little left over.  It was so flavorful, I couldn't believe it!

for the recipe

You can even make this sauce ahead and freeze it... perfect for those busy evenings!


  1. Oh yum! Thanks for the oregano tip!

  2. Love the colors of everything cooking - sounds great!

  3. This look so good! Bolognese is one of our favorites and changing it up like this sounds yummy! Your comment on my post cracked me up ;)

  4. That looks delicious. I've been craving pasta so I think I'll try this recipe tomorrow night.

  5. This is one of my favorite pasta dishes. Love your blog!

  6. Looks great. I made my first bolognese sauce this year. I decided I really like it!