Friday, October 2, 2009

Decorating For Fall

Fall is by far my favorite time of year!  There is a chill on the air, football season is in full swing (go Hawks!), the aroma from spiced candles fill the house... you get the picture! 

But, the real reason I love fall is because I get to bring down all the orange bins that have been shoved up into the rafters in the garage.  I swear, they are calling me all year long...

I usually start with the front porch.  Every year I forget to write down how many hay bales I buy versus how many I actually use, same thing with the corn stalks. This year though, I finally had the forsight to write it down!

My daughter has an affinity for white things....  white rocks, white shells and she always picks out white pumpkins.  Instead of carving them this year, we decided to paint them!  I spent $1.50 on three different colors of paint and had one happy little girl! 

The lanterns were an addition this year also. I've been seeing them in the Potterybarn catalog for some time now, and I love them!  A very homey touch.  I couldn't see spending $100 per lantern, so I went in search of some knock-offs.  I found some at Walmart for $10 a piece!  Score!!

I found the sign at a small shop down on Main Street.  I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything large this year, but I just couldn't resist.  Pie Maker's Best?  How PERFECT for my porch! 

I picked up the broom at Walmart also... then I painted it black and green to look like a witch's broom.

 I love everything on my porch, but I think my favorite item would have to be the spiders.  They're just the right size.  The string on them is very long, so you can hang them just about anywhere. They even have black and orange glitter on them!  They are all throughout my home, even in the bathroom!

As you can see, I go a little overboard decorating for fall. I found some great Halloween fabrics and covered up a few of the pictures on the walls, added seasonal pillows to the couches, and a Yankee cranberry candle burning on the stove... 

After Halloween, all the spiders, witches and jack-o-lanters will come down. What's left (hay, un-carved pumkins, candles) will stay up through Thanksgiving and keep the house festive!


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