Sunday, June 20, 2010

Homemade Lemon Curd

My neighbor Marcie is so sweet.  She's so friendly, always has little fancy things for my daughter and is just so cool.  Everyone should have a neighbor like Marcie.

The other day I was making some of my homemade lemon curd to fill some cupcakes.  Usually I have a ton left over so I decided to give some to Marcie!

To quote her:  "Allyson, your lemon curd is to die for."

for the recipe

Lemon curd goes great on toast, as a compliment to fresh raspberries, as a cake filling.... if you like lemon, you'll find something to use it for!


  1. It does look good! What a great gift idea!

  2. I have always wanted to make lemon curd...thanks for the recipe!

  3. I have also wanted to make this , but didn't know how.
    This looks delish!