Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dessert Table

We were invited to show off our goodies at one of the largest events in our area, "Girls Night Out". 650 tickets were available and they SOLD OUT prior the event.

We've added dessert tables as one of the things we offer and here's our very first one.

Since we were there to promote our business, Girly Gatherings, we designed this table around our company logo.

Everything on this table is homemade, and although we had reserves, we could barely keep it stocked, things were selling left and right!

Some of things on the table were:

white cupcakes with lemon filling
chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling
cake bites - chocolate cake mixed with cream cheese and drizzled with pink chocolate
Parisian macarons with white chocolate ganache filling
wedding cake with a damask print
cookies handmade with our company logo iced on them
homemade marshmallow
carrot cake with orange ginger cream cheese filling
banana cake with Jack Daniels cream cheese filling
red velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese filling

The event director emailed me the next morning and had this to say (!!)

"You guys were a huge hit last night. Everyone was talking about you. I took the banana cake back to my office and had to share it with 5 people. It was amazing! Not only did it look good it tasted incredible. Seriously one of the best cakes I have tasted. Way to go"

We had an absolute fabulous time and the entire event was a great success!


  1. wow these are awesome. I really like the pink cakes :)

  2. wow! how much time did it take to make everything? how many of you are there?? glad it was a huge success for you!

  3. Your desserts are beautiful! I saw the advertisements for Girls Night Out but never picked up tickets because I worked that day. Sounds like fun!

  4. it all looks beautiful and delicious! I saw this featured on Save the Date for cupcakes this morning... a well deserved feature!

  5. wow-- really unique and beautiful thanks for sharing

  6. holy sugar and eye candy I love it all I wish I lived in an area that had fun things like that tell me more about the vendors- ticket prices etc.. I love to learn things.
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    or email me at